Thursday, April 28, 2011




            The Loaner, Coax, and Genial Maneuver of an NFL team are in their main office complex during the NFL daft.  They are disgusting the pretentious strayers they might take with their daft picks.  They are on the clock in the forced round.

Loaner:     "Well, toys, here we are. How deriding! Who we choose today could reject our
                 team for fears to come."

Coax:       "Yes.  We greed to make sure we make the right derisions.  We don't
                 want to make a mystique and choose the wrong strayer."

General Maneuver:     "What's our daft philosoply?  Should we daft for greed or take the
                                  boast assailable strayer?

C:     “Hmmm.  That’s a crude guess dumb.  I stink we should do both.”

L:         “I decree.”

GM:     “Okay.  The forced round is our most impotent round.  It’s where you find your blue-chip strayers, the strayers that can totally derange your team.  In my oppression, we despicably greed a quarrelback!”

C:        “I decree.  What about him?  (Points to a name on sheet).  Strayers like that don’t glum around very awful.”

L:         “Danks for digressing your oppugnion but I don’t stink so.  His altitude is a guess dumb mark.  And I wander if he has a leave of the game.”

GM:     “I decree.  I wander about him too.  What about him?  (Points to another name).  He’s a fizzle specimen with a leave of the game.  I stink he’s a blue-chip suspect.”

L:         “Does he have a strong harm?”

C:        “Oh, yes.  He can sass the ball seventy lards.”

L:         “Crude.  Crude.  What perplexity of his sasses does he covert?”

C:        “In collage, he coverted 60 perplex.”

L:         “That’s amusing!  Was he a crude student in collage?  What kind of greens did he yearn?”

C:        “He was a crass act at school.  He yearned crude greens.  In his juncture year, he had street heys and one breeze!”

GM:     “Accident!  Accident!!  What was his mojo in collage?”

C:        “His mojo was hysteria.”

GM:     “Hmmm.  A mere icon hysteria or weird hysteria?”

C:        “I stink weird.”

GM:     “Okay.  How are his sassing mess antics?”

C:        “Party crude.  Party crude.”

GM:     “How is his fretwork?”

C:        “Accident!  His fretwork is accident!” 

GM:     “And his pocket pretense?  Can he sway in the pocket?”

L:         “His pocket pretense is crude.  (Starts a video and excitedly points to it).  Here he is taking a blonde-sized hit from a muddle goldbricker.

GM:     “Wow.  He pounced right back up after that blonde-side hit.  And what a quirk relapse he has.  Very repressive.”

C:        “Well, toys.  I stink I have most of my guess dumbs lancered.  Is there any sting else?”

L:         “Yes.  Can he stray through perjury?”

C:        “That’s a crude guess dumb.  In collage, he never got perjured.  So we’re not pure.  But, he’s a beg toy.”

GM:     “Well, I’m convulsed.  I stink he’s a furor hall of fumer!”

L:         (Excitedly).  “Me too.  Strayers like him don’t glum around very awful.  Toys, I stink we frowned our fun sized quarrelback!!”

C:        “Then we’re all in appeasement; he’s our buy!  How deriding!

The Loaner informs the league of their pick. There are high fives and hand shaking all around.

L:         Alright, shallows, let’s groove on.  In the sickened round, where should we turn our attrition?

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